McLeod Lake Mackenzie Community Forest Corporation

The Community Forest is managed by a volunteer board consisting of 3 directors appointed by the McLeod Lake Indian Band and 3 directors appointed by the District of Mackenzie, each to serve a three year term. The appointed directors elect a seventh member to serve a one-year term.

Directors contribute hundreds of volunteer hours to operate the Community Forest, meeting monthly to provide management direction, review progress on plans, and scrutinize financial statements. The Community Forestry concept relies heavily on community-based ideas and knowledge gained through a public advisory group (PAG) that meets 2-3 times a year. The PAG is kept informed of Community Forest activities and plans which stakeholders and the general public are invited to discuss and comment on.

Day to day operations of the Community Forest are carried out by the General Manager, administrative assistants, and numerous other contractors, mostly local.

We pride ourselves on the quality of forest management we are able to deliver. We value good forest management over profit and strive to accommodate our stakeholder’s concerns and suggestions. We realize that much remains to be done and the entire organization is motivated to deliver high quality forest management.

Board of Directors

  • Jim Atkinson (Chairperson)
  • Amber Hancock
  • Ron Crosby
  • Yasmin Prince
  • Tina Van der Ree
  • Cheryl Chingee
  • Tania Solonas